What can I find using Eyfo?

Eyfo has one of the largest databases of:  wifi, mobile charging spots, public restrooms and water fountains, parking, beaches, concerts and festivals and much more! all the points are accessible for free!

How do I find something on Eyfo?

It couldn’t be easier, just open the app choose the wanted category and Eyfo automatically find the locations near you. (you can also enter an address manually)

How do I add a spot to Eyfo?

To add a spot to Eyfo you need to be connected with your Facebook account, you open the main menu and there you click on the pin with the plus sign. From there just follow the steps.

How do I know the spot is actually there and if it’s functioning?

Eyfo is a crowd sourced database. Besides the spot team Eyfo has add all the other were added by users and each location has it’s own profile where users can comment about the spot itself.