Using Eyfo can’t be easier and faster, just enter the app, choose what you need and that’s all. In a matter of seconds Eyfo finds you what you asked for.


Eyfo’s database if one of the first of it’s kind. Eyfo is spread all over the world so no matter where you go you can use Eyfo.


All of Eyfo’s database is for free! You can access Eyfo’s points online and soon be able to download the database straight to you mobile device so you can access Eyfo even if your not connected to the internet.

Who are we?

Eyfo is a platform that helps users find basic services that should be accessible for free and much more!

Eyfo offers:

Public restrooms, public water fountains, free wifi, and power outlets to charge mobile devices.
beside these basic services Eyfo offer much more!
Eyfo offers free parking, 24/7 convineance stores, free concerts and festivals and more!
currently Eyfo operates across Israel and in selected big cities around the world with more cities on their way, Eyfo has one of the largest databases of it’s kind and offers easy access that users never had before.
Our main goal at Eyfo is to map the world so no matter where you go you can rely on Eyfo to get you whatever you need and for free!
to this date Eyfo is available 100% free on the google play store and an iOS version is on it's way.

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Meet our brand new web version!

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